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About Us

Welcome and thank you so much for visiting Dragulous. We are an online store that is

dedicated to providing quality accessories and apparel to the drag queen, cross-dressing, queer,

and transgender communities, as well as to anyone that is just curious. Our inventory includes

feminine apparel, body shapers, hair care & accessories, drag queen jewelry, drag queen

makeup & nail products, drag queen wigs, face & skin care products, and shoes for drag

queens among other products. Our goal is to offer you the best shopping experience while

catering to your wardrobe needs.

Drag is a form of art and a fabulous way of displaying your creativity. In fact, more than just a

fancy dress and a pretty face define you. That’s why you need to have a style that makes you

stand out. At Dragulous, we know that buying wigs, fashion jewelry, or even makeup that

depicts your style can be difficult and confusing. Therefore, we ensure that you know what

exactly you are buying and what suits your style.


Our Story

The creativity portrayed by drag queens is what inspired us to create Dragulous. Today, we are

a leading online store that provides jewelry, shoes, makeup, wigs, accessories, and other

products not only for our drag queen customers, but for anyone that loves all girlie things. We

are inspired by a continuously increasing number of customers that request feminine

accessories and clothing that can fit a woman or a man’s body. We have gone through the

painstaking steps of searching for and screening potential suppliers to ensure that we provide

our customers with only the best available quality products and accessories needed for any

occasion, and we are also committed to providing only products that are not tested on animals.


Our Products

Our ever-growing customer base has compelled us to provide a vast selection of makeup,

jewelry, wigs, apparel, and shoes among other products. We know that sometimes it is hard to

decide between different products. As such, we take time to educate our customers about the

different items we have in stock. Nevertheless, we always maintain a vast selection of quality

female and drag queen products in order to meet all your needs any time you shop with us.

Our stock comprises of different brands of big hair wigs, makeup products, sparkly shoes,

jewelry, and other products you may need to bring out your creativity and style. We have the

highest quality, best available female and drag queen products from premier brands across the

world in our inventory. You won’t find a collection of female and original drag queen products

that match our budget and style anywhere else. If you want to buy makeup or inquire about

our human hair wig prices, don’t hesitate to contact us. Trust our value-priced wigs and other

products not to deplete your pocket especially if you have a tight budget.


Excellent Customer Service

At Dragulous, we are always ready to help you with your shopping as well as transformation

needs. If you want to know how to shop for a wigs, makeup products, comfortable shoes,

rhinestone jewelry or any other product, don’t hesitate to contact us. We do everything

possible to ensure your ultimate satisfaction and the best shopping experience.

We take great pride in our website and we make ourselves available to answer any questions

you may have and return any emails or phones calls promptly. You can contact us by using the

contact form on the website, by calling (562) 274-7731, or by e-mailing your comments and

questions directly to info@dragulous.com.


Shop at Dragulous today and get quality wigs, hair accessories, dazzling jewelry, apparel,

shoes, and makeup that will enable you to express your unique personality and style in a

spectacular manner!

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