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Customer Service

Customer Service

At Dragulous, we want to give you the best shopping experience every time you shop for hair extensions, boots, makeup, accessories and tools, among other products online.  Your ultimate satisfaction is always our top priority.  As such, we have established a customer support desk to ensure that all of your questions and concerns are addressed promptly.

Our friendly and professional customer service team is always ready to help with any aspect of your shopping experience.  Whether you need help in choosing drag queen wigs, hair dye, human hair extensions, or shoes for drag queens, we are ready to help you.  Our goal is to ensure that you get the best shopping experience possible.  It does not matter whether you need makeup products, nail products or hair styling tools, we are always ready to serve you.

We know even though you may be sure you need product, you might not be sure what exactly will suit your needs. We don’t want you to spend money on a product then regret it later. Our customer care representatives are always on standby, ready to answer your queries.

Whether you need shopping tips, guidance or information about different brands and product categories, we can help you.  Even if you encounter a challenge while shopping for wigs, nail tools and other products at Dragulous, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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