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Ultimate Shipping Experience

At Dragulous, we know that you might not want everybody to know you just received new drag wigs, nail polish, lipstick shades, face makeup or any other product for a drag queen. That’s why we maintain discreet shipping for all of our products.  With us, your drag shopping will remain confidential.

To ensure your confidence in our shipping, we allow you a chance to choose your shipping service from multiple options.  Whether you order large drag products like drag dresses or small drag items like rings, we ensure that they are shipped to you in a way that nobody will know what is delivered to your doorstep. 

Nevertheless, though we do our best to ensure prompt delivery, we can’t guarantee you won’t experience some delays in some cases. That’s because factors like custom delays and weather conditions which can cause delays in the delivery of your extensions, makeup, hairbrushes and tools, among other drag products, are beyond our control.  However, to avoid inconveniences, order your drag products in advance.


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